Virtual Online Events For Inventors!

If you’ve been following the Inventorz Network you hear the word “VIRTUAL” A LOT!  The reason why we use the word virtual  so much is because it best describes what we provide for the inventor community.  We literally bring the event to YOU! We use the power of technology to bring opportunities to inventors AND the companies wanting to find the latest in innovations at their fingertips.  By making events online, or virtual, we reduce the cost across the board for everyone.

Never before has a company in the inventor industry used technology so vastly to support inventors.  Sure, they may have webinars and educational resources, which we provide as well, but the kinds of events we host are literally endless because we take the time to make sure EVERYONE attending is set up for success.  What does this mean?  We spend the time prior to each event to make sure our client AND the inventors have the proper equipment and technical education so they are able to represent themselves in the most professional way possible. No longer does the inventor have to purchase a plane ticket and expensive hotel room, or possibly make childcare arrangement.  On the flip side, companies looking for innovative products no longer have to schedule multiple meetings or spend the time searching for the next million dollar idea.  We make it convenient for everyone!

Virtual brings opportunities that normally wouldn’t be accessible!

Below is a video capturing some of the highlights of our past virtual events with Top Dog Direct and Harriet Carter.  The great thing is that this format can be used for many applications…whether it’s pitching to major retailers, investors, or providing an educational platform to help take your idea to the next level.  The options are endless when we are the host behind the event!

Next Amazing Pitching Opportunity with Top Dog Direct


Inventorz Network is bringing YOU another great virtual pitch OPPORTUNITY with a leading As Seen on TV company, Top Dog Direct!!  And NOW its YOUR chance to turn your product into As Seen on TV SUPERSTAR!

We are focusing on products that have a mass market appeal – an exciting chance to license your product and have it seen on store shelves across the country!


10 AM PST,12:00 PM CST, 1 PM EST

Click on the link below to fill out the application
to be considered. ONLY 10 SPOTS available!
PS there is no cost for you to participate!!!

***We will contact the inventors whom match the criteria for Top Dog. ***

Inventorz Network is all about connecting you….

Inventorz Network is all about connecting you….

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