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Dhana Cohen & Melinda Knight, Co-Founders of Inventorz Network, LLC!

Inventorz Network™ was created to inspire, educate, connect and protect inventors and keep them motivated to fulfill their dreams!  Inventors have come to us for years saying they wanted us to build relationships with industry leaders, so we grew our business to include these amazing CONNECTIONS on top of all of the fabulous services we have always provided to our inventor community!

Inventorz Network is the only platform in the inventor industry to truly support and connect new and established inventors with the people and industries that can take their product to the next level! From buyers, to package designers, to the media both traditional and social, our company provides the most comprehensive network in one online community!

For over a decade collectively we have provided inventors, product developers, makers and innovators with pitch sessions to amazing licensing deals, social media for the largest trade shows and support to the vast inventor audience with amazing media opportunities and education. After joining forces over five years ago, our past experience and connections makes the Inventorz Network a rock solid foundation for the ENTIRE inventor, as well as industry providers wanting to reach our massive inventor community!

“Thank you to all those who create, those that dream, and those that change our lives…You the inventor, the maker, the innovator”
Melinda Knight and Dhana Cohen, co-founders of Inventorz Network

We believe in the power of connecting VIRTUALLY!

The Inventorz Network knows the new frontier of true VIRTUAL Connections can take place as if it’s in person. “Imagine being able to knock on a member’s office door, or online profile, and an Expert within your industry is able to give you advice that adjusts your product to make it that much better. Now, imagine that you can quickly see the expert provider’s rating and comments from other inventors! We’re all about protecting the inventor, and this new and exciting platform is built to do just that!”, states Dhana Cohen, co-founder of The Inventorz Network.

“Inventors want to be educated, and feel this way through all stages of the invention process, our goal is to provide the inventor/brand community with the best opportunities to succeed, and when their product is truly retail ready, give them the chance to have buyers from all different types and sizes of retail to find their virtual booth, or profile” explains Melinda Knight, co-founder with Dhana.

“We love the hunt for great finds and products that aren’t mainstream…at least not yet, we call these products diamonds in the rough” says Dhana. “Many of the inventors haven’t even attended one trade show, and it’s our job to get the word out about these fantastic brands, offering a membership based, one stop platform to truly connect and make business happen, we know we have what our entire industry has been waiting for.”

It is our strength in connections and our ability to think out of the box that gives each of you~ a one stop shop for all things innovative!

About the Creators of Inventorz Network

Dhana Cohen, Co-Founder


Dhana has over 25 years experience in marketing and product development. Earlier in her career she worked in advertising for; The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, a Bonneville radio station in Phoenix and an International Home Design magazine. When she decided to stay home and raise her kids, Dhana ran her own marketing firm for 10 years creating campaigns for small businesses, and developed some of her own products. Struggling to get her products to market before the Internet and all its resources; she decided to pack them up and be a full time mom. Her entrepreneurial itch couldn’t’ be squashed though.  In 2008 she created The Next Big Zing. The only independent AWARD program and contest platform for innovative products…she created these contests exclusively for SkyMall Catalog, ORCA Communications and The United Inventors Association all to support the inventor.

As well as being the creator of The Next Big Zing, she co-hosts an entrepreneur radio talk show on Toginet.com.  Dhana has the privilege of judging national inventors contests, and being a guest contributor in magazines, blogs, websites and TV.

By creating an incredible brand all on her own within the inventor community, Dhana is here to inspire and support inventorz on their journey through the retail, consumer and media jungle!

She is thrilled to be partners with Melinda… “this partnership makes tons of sense for our two brands, but more importantly its about supporting the inventorz!”

Melinda Knight, Co-Founder

Melinda has always thought of innovative ideas and creative concepts. Her formal background is in business, graphic design and marketing, so she’s always looking at the world and how to make it better. While working out in the gym she was thinking about how nice it would be to be able to exercise and work on her laptop at the same time. She came up with a laptop tray design with 360 degree adjustment capability and complex clamping mechanism which she named the “AttachaTray”.

In an effort to take the product to market, Melinda attended a casting call for a TLC show on women inventors in Chicago. Amazed at the number of women with great ideas, but no way to promote them, Melinda returned home with a bigger idea and Womentorz was born. Womentorz grew immediately into a popular website and forum allowing women inventors to have a virtual storefront. Womentorz provided all of the promotion and social networking needed to generate traffic to the women’s products giving them the exposure their inventions deserve. By using the concept of group marketing, Womentorz was able to save the women a great deal of money and provide unique marketing opportunities. Womentorz also gave the women inventors a sense of community and support that’s so important in staying focused as well as spirits lifted.

The evolution of the Next Big Zing, Womentorz, and Women Inventorz Network has allowed Dhana and Melinda to meet and join forces to create Inventorz Network, the ultimate tool for the entire inventor community!

Inventorz Network is all about connecting you….

Inventorz Network is all about connecting you….

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