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The Inventor Network is a favorite of the media because of what we represent! This is why we’ve been featured in all sorts of media forums over the years. We are in the forefront of the latest inventions coming to market because we’re deep in the trenches with the hardworking inventors developing and launching their products. We know what’s coming on the market before they can be found by the public!

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Inventorz Network makes it seamless for Producers to find the latest innovation coming to market.  We’ve been the media’s go to resource for creative segment ideas and professional product representation.  Whether it’s gifts for mom or dad, back to school products kids and parents will love, or the latest holidays treats for your loved ones….the Inventorz Network can find innovation viewers will flip for!
Below is our latest opportunities with the Harry Show where a lucky inventor who has been financially struggling wins a once and lifetime, one on one consultation with the most fabulous shark from Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran!

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Inventorz Network is all about connecting you….

Inventorz Network is all about connecting you….

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