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Soakees “Slip-On and Tie” Foot Bath

Recently Reviewed Nationwide in First for Women magazine – Soakees “Slip-On and Tie” Foot Bath Boots are a revolutionary new product which eliminates the need for a heavy messy tub of water on the floor forever! Made of medical grade vinyl with a self attaching side tie to secure, Soakees requires only 2 – 3 CUPS of water per foot and can be used absolutely anywhere – anytime and anyplace to ease foot pain, for overall wellness, to beautify the foot, to treat foot odor, for a pedicure and soften heels OR use Soakees with ice for a twisted ankle or sports injury – our design keeps warm water warm and cold water cold longer – “Soakees – the Foot Bath Without the Splash”


Soakees "Slip-On and Tie" Foot Bath Boots were recently reviewed by the Health and Beauty Editors of First for Women magazine to RAVE reviews! Our unique "Foot bath Without the Splash" consists of 2 separate foot shaped medical grade vinyl "soaking boots" which are 16" tall, 13" from toe to heel and has a girth of 16" at the widest point - fitting any size foot and lower leg. All you do is slip on a Soakees per foot, add ONLY 2-3 CUPS of warm water along with any salts, oils or foot treatment you wish to use, wrap the attached webbed nylon tie around your leg to secure - then sit back and soak your feet anywhere- anytime and anyplace! Once finished slip the Soakees off each foot individually and dry the base of the foot off by stepping on a towel on the floor. Then gather up the 2 Soakees and dump the used water in a sink - rinse them out with a towel or use a hot air hair blower if desired - fold them up and they are ready to go with you anywhere you go. The 2-3 CUPS that Soakees requires weighs only 1.5 pounds vs the 2-3 GALLONS of water a floor basin requires which weighs 25 pounds, making the use of Soakees foot bath a BREEZE compared to the old tub approach to a foot soak. Portable, convenient, flexible, durable and endlessly reusable Soakees fits almost every size foot and can be used by anyone in the family for any foot or lower leg leg treatment anywhere - anytime and anyplace. Soakees is the ONLY portable foot bath that be used on geriatrics by their caregiver and on the immobile whose feet cannot ever comfortably reach a "floor basin" - just slip on a Soakees per foot and help them enjoy the pleasure of a nice warm soothing foot soak. Soakees is the easiest, least expensive and most attainable way to reap the many documented benefits of foot soaking for everything from foot pain relief, foot beautification, to soften heard heels and ingrown toenails, to improve overall wellness, for body detoxing, to reduce insomnia, reduce fatigue, increase circulation, treat swollen lower legs and feet, treat foot fungus, athletes foot, foot odor and any sports injury. There is a reason Dr Oz endorses Foot Soaking to millions on TV - it WORKS - we made it EZ and CONVENIENT for you to do....anywhere anytime and anyplace.

Retail Price: Set of 2 sell for $19.95

Wholesale Price: Set of 2 sell for $10.95 - with custom packaging, instructions and UPC code

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Lydia delRossi

Phone: 803-215-7678 Visit website


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