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Brand new, quality gift card sleeve that will always and instantly, let you know what remaining balance is left on gift card. Patented, patent pendings and registered trademarked.


The Sleevepal® gives instant access to vital gift card information, in seconds..with just the glance of an eye! When time or access ability is a concern, people want and need convenience.

SleevePal® is made out of quality, sturdy card stock. This enables it to securely store a gift or debit card and afford no interference from the embossed account numbers on the card when writing on it. The card stock are available in a vast array of textures, weight, colors and patterns. Also available are a wide selection of different foil and ink colors for the printed balance log.

We currently have 22 different choices of Sleevepal® in stock to choose from. Our customers vary from teens to seniors..and yes, even men!

Retail Price: Varies. Non-zebra and zebra patterned. Packages of 3, 5, or 10.

Wholesale Price: TBD

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JoAnn Gross

Phone: 954-871-3995 Visit website


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