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Point and Click Measuring and Drawing Device and Method

Moe, The Mouseruler is a device that enables one individual person to draw and measure a large two-dimensional area, like furniture, a piece of land, a building, etc, by clicking and tracing on the actual area, so it is proportionally drawn and measured on a smaller scale.


This might very well be the most effective, revolutionary system to take measurements... and much, much more.

A computer (tracking or optical) mouse, in cooperation with a rendering software program (e.g. CorelDRAW, Illustrator, etc.) and Ultrasonic technology or Positioning technology (Indoor Positioning System or outdoor GPS) or Laser Technology enables not only to trace any desired shape or shapes, but it also allows to keep track of the dimensions of these shapes.

The principles of an optical or tracking computer mouse are extrapolated to real life, and instead of drawing on a computer screen, the drawing is performed in real life, using ultrasonic, Laser, or a positioning technology, and it is then captured by an electronic device*, the "Point & Click Measurement System", or the "device*", hereinafter.

A recent product, by the name of ‘Phree’, and featured on ‘’ enables real life tracings to be input into a so called ‘smart phone. See: . Also, vinyl sign plotters perform a similar function, but in reverse order, i.e. the data input into a computer by a graphics software is actually translated into real life (The vinyl being plotted)

The device acts as a virtual Pantograph, and just like a computer mouse measures the positioning, distances and dimensions of traced areas. Furthermore, the BEZIER tracing mode optimizes the task of tracing and measuring an area.

A computing unit has an optionally retractable pointer or a laser pointer which cooperates with a trigger (analogous to a button in a computer mouse). Each point that defines the shape of the area is selected by the pointer and then 'clicked' by the trigger.

Curves are traced with the "Free Hand" tool. This information is sent to the computing element, and may be monitored on a display depicting a scaled version of the tracing and reflecting positioning and measuring based on ultrasonic or positioning systems. Once the area is measured, the rendering may be saved.

Subsequently, the rendering may be printed. As shown, many features may discretionarily be added to the device and the system. User may opt to bring the renderings to any conventional computer for further editing.

Of course, the device may be used simply to take dimensions, with the great advantage that there are no limits or restrictions. Also, the invention might be adapted as an application to a wireless so called ‘smart-phone’ by utilizing a built-in positioning system, and a tracing (Drawing) software.

Additional features, related to the functions of the device for instance, a camera may be added.

The market size and commercial possibilities are simply unlimited.

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