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Miracle LED SUPER BUG Light

Safe chemical free way to keep pests away from your family. Invented in the land of 10,000 Lakes (and even more mosquitoes) – Minnesota. Screws into any standard E26 medium base socket, Runs for pennies a year and gives off a cool melon-colored glow in a unique light spectrum that bugs don’t like.


MiracleLED Super bug light and NOW the addition of MiracleLED Spider light. These bulbs use natural colors of light from nature to keep Bugs away from your door. Since 2006 we have been have been refining bug eliminating light technology to run on just 7 watts of electricity and give out a pleasant night time light. Emitting a soft melon like color that is so much more acceptable than old cool white bulbs. shades of yellow have been used in the Northwoods for years to produce light that bugs are not attracted to. MiracleLED has taken it to the next step with this night friendly, environmentally safe penny pinching bulb. Featuring AFE almost Free Energy technology... the bulb runs for as little as 84 cents per year.

Also pictured is some of our other innovative and money-saving LED light bulbs, including the 9.5W Ultra GROW Lite perfect for your kitchen herb garden.

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Henry Meuwissen

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