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Meet The Multiples

Using proprietary diverse and multi-national animal characters, The Multiples transform lifestyle products into unique social learning tools to bring fun and learning into the everyday lives of children.


Absolutely the funnest way to learn math! Based on 12 multi national animal characters each with a favorite number, our award winning* tableware is available in plates, bowls and tumblers. Colorfully designed with our characters, their associated number and several mathematical methodologies the multiples tableware provides a fun and friendly social learning platform for children ages 2-10. And since we believe that Everyone Can Do Math we donate product to a child in need every time a customer purchases our products.

Made of 100% melamine our tableware is BPA free and meets all FDA and CPSC regulations.

Available now in age appropriate 4 piece sets, open stock and POP display. Individual pieces retail for $7.99-$9.99. 4 piece sets retail for $34.99.


NATIONAL PARENTING CENTER 2014 Seal of Approval for The Early Years Set.

PLAY ON WORDS.COM PAL 2014 Award Winner for The Early Years Set.

CREATIVE CHILD AWARDS PROGRAM 2014 Kids Product of the Year Award (kids educational product category) for The Early and Middle Years Sets. 2014 Seal of Excellence Award (parenting aids category) for The Early and Middle Years Sets.

DR. TOY 10 Best Educational Toys for 2014 100 Best Children's Products Award Program for 2014 for The Early Years Set.

Mind Spring Award - Academics Choice 2015

OTHER AWARDS Toy Man Award 2014 Award of Excellence, E-Choice Award, S.T.E.M. Award and Award of Recognition

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Brooks Addington

Phone: 802-345-1182 Visit website Visit blog


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