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Kwik Kover All Weather Exterior Windshield Protector

Kwik Kover is an amazing exterior windshield cover that goes on the outside of your car, has a lower flap that is held to the hood of the car with magnets, and attaches to the inside visors and is secured when closing and locking the doors. Kwik Kover is made from a Mylar insulated material and is energy star rated. Kwik Kover is made in America and was issued a US Utility Patent No: 7,673,924 B1.


Kwik Kover eliminates scraping snow and ice from your windshield and will not freeze to the glass, it also covers the wiper blades protecting them from ice build-up and excessive heat prolonging the life of the wiper blades. Kwik Kover keeps your vehicle cooler on hot summer days by as much as 20 degrees, no more HOT steering wheels or seat belt buckles. Kwik Kover also adds protection from hail and will also keep wet leaves and sap away from your windshield. Kwik Kover is so easy, it takes under a minute to put on your car.

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Kathy Lau

Kathy lau

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