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Kidems Wheelsox Covers

Kidems Wheelsox Covers offer you piece of mind and peace and quiet. Now you can listen to your Toddler’s giggle’s rather than the grinding of their ride-on toys wheels into your floors. Now they can spin those wheels without the worry. Go for a walk around the block and when you are done just put the Kidems Wheelsox back on and your floors are safe!


Kidems Wheelsox Wheel Covers are for Toddler's 12 to 36 month ride on, push ride on and smaller motorized riding toys. They help prevent damage to your floors which is caused by the hard plastic wheels of your Toddler's toys. Even if your Toddler's ride-on toy never goes outside, the plastic wheels will still scratch the floors and cotton covers track floor debris damaging them. WheelSox Wheel Covers do not pickup these element and track them from room to room. Kidems Wheelsox Wheel Covers also dramatically reduce the noise level on hard floor surfaces, so rather than listening to the wheels grinding into the floors, now you will only hear the sweet sound of your toddler's giggles.

Retail Price: 14.99

Wholesale Price: 10.00

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Marcia Motuz

Phone: 732-908-0791 Visit website


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