Inventor Showcase

Inventor Showcase: Board Book Albums

We had the extreme pleasure of recently being contacted by Laura Miranti, CPA who is a work at home mom with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for what she does. Her daughter was the inspiration for her invention called the “Take Your Pix ™” board book...

Inventor Showcase: Red Goddess Celebration Box™

Today has been the most exciting and fulfilling day thus far in the Womentorz evolution with I’m sure many more to follow. I feel truly blessed to have met Marianne Impal who also auditioned at the New York casting call. I would love it if she commented to this...

Inventor Showcase: ID LINK

I’m so excited about showcasing this invention for two reasons – first being that Wendy Siim auditioned for Kelly Ripa’s TLC Women Inventor show, and secondly her product could literally save lives!!! She is completely what Womentorz is all about....
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Inventorz Network is all about connecting you….

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