Have success in retail!

Do you want to get your product
on store shelves
and keep it there?
Of course you do!  

AND now we have the secret sauce to get you there!

Inventorz Network is thrilled to announce an incredible partnership with New York Times Bestselling Authors and Barefoot Wine Founders, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey!

Their rags to riches story will inspire you, and their brand and retail knowledge will help you get your product on store shelves and KEEP IT THERE! Now, in just 5 lessons, YOU can acquire the knowledge that took them 20 years to master!!!  

Here’s why we’re so excited about this
amazing new partnership…

In this 5-Lesson Series How to Get Your Product On the Shelf and Keep it There you will learn….

  • How to package your product so that it intrigues people to want to buy 
  • The process of getting distribution on shelves of retail stores.
  • The 4 things you must do to be successful on the retail shelf
  • Common fatal mistakes that entrepreneurs make – and how to avoid them
  • How to build a winning brand. 
  • Advanced training on how Barefoot scaled to national and international distribution
  • Counterintuitive, street-smart, and low-cost marketing tactics to get your product in front of people without having to go into massive debt to pay for advertising.
  •  The logo, label, and package design limitations dictated by the distribution channel
  • The surprising things each level of distribution wants before they will cooperate

    Here’s what Linsey Rosland,
    the creator of sheetBneat says about the course…


The 1st of 5 courses is available NOW!
“How to get Your Product to the Shelf –
It Takes More than a Better Mouse Trap”
For only $197 you can learn invaluable tools
to get your product on store shelves!

Inventorz Network is all about connecting you….

Inventorz Network is all about connecting you….

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