Written by Erica Quinn

Most people, at one time in their lives or another, has a brilliant idea for a service or product. Tragically, most of these ideas never see the light of day. Often, this failure to pursue a brilliant idea comes from lack of resources and investment capital. This has given rise in recent years to the innovative concept of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding can allow anyone with a million dollar idea to turn their concept into a thriving business.

There are a lot of ways to make money, but few options offer the potential returns that a successful crowdfunding project can. A good idea, a strong presentation, and a good social media presence can change an inventor’s life through this revenue-generating idea.

It doesn’t always work out, however, with a huge percentage of crowdfunding projects failing to meet their funding goals. In those cases where the project is successful, funding can not only meet, but vastly exceed their goal, raising not only hundreds of thousands, but sometimes millions of dollars. This represents a massive return on an investment of only a bit of time to set up the campaign.

With the top ten crowdfunded projects in history having all earned well into the millions of dollars, it would be easy to assume that these products and their companies would have reached heights of success few people will ever see. However, many factors exist behind the scenes that can drastically impact the end result, regardless of a seven-figure crowdfunded project.

Manufacturing problems and deadline failures abound on this list of the best of the best, with some of the top ten crowdfunded projects having failed entirely to deliver their promised product. Corporate buyouts and quality concerns have also risen to challenge these crowdfunded monsters.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out what happened to the most highly crowdfunded products in history.

10 Most Funded Crowdfunded Projects (And Where They Are Now)

Via: InvestmentZen.com

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